The majority of visitors come to Gili Trawangan in search of stunning natural scenery, a relaxing beach atmosphere, and fewer crowds. But, like me, many people go to Gili Trawangan specifically to pursue peace and quiet.

On Gili Trawangan, there are hundreds of places to stay on almost every side of the island. Each hotel offers exotic pleasant places to stay, one of which is Gili Eco Villas, which is located on the north coast of the island of Gili Trawangan.

Honestly, this is the first experience for me to stay in this area because the area is quite far from the port so it takes time to get here. Of course, it is well known that in Gili Trawangan it is not allowed to use motorized vehicles, so our only choices are to use a bicycle or horse-drawn carriage. But that’s what makes it different, Gili always provides experience every time I visit there. Gili Eco Villas is my choice to find serenity this time.

Gili Eco Villas stands out among other hotels because it is located under shady trees and has a tidy white color scheme with wooden ornaments on each side of the building. This villa is made up of several bungalows with terraces or villa rooms that are not in close proximity to one another.

Right in front of the hotel is a view of the open sea with the silhouette of Mount Agung that appears at dusk. Wow, what a romantic place. Not only that, the villas here offer a soft beach with small rocks.

I booked this villa via an online booking application. I am happy because I got a fantastic offer, the one bedroom villa that I stayed in was priced at IDR 500 K while the original price was around IDR 1.2 K / night. On the other hand, I feel sad because indirectly this is the villa’s efforts to survive the COVID 19 Pandemic which has been going on for more than a year.

I had a small chat with the villa staff, who were extremely thankful that I wanted to stay there. The number of staff at this villa must be reduced in order to minimize the increasing operating burden, although the fact that the number of tourists staying is very low. This situation is felt by all islands in the three Gili region, where the number of tourists is so low that they are obliged to decrease or even stop operating their villas or hotels because they continue to lose money.

As visitors, we must also understand that this abnormal condition is the impact of the current difficulties in the tourism economy. Many tourists demand standard facilities even though they themselves pay a discounted price, not to mention the number of staff is very small so that the operation is not optimal.


For now, forget about the problem for a moment, let’s enjoy the beauty of Eco Gili Villas with this beautiful panorama. Fun Fact: This villa was used to shoot an Indonesian film first with the title ‘ARISAN 2 “, I just realized it when I saw some parts of this villa that looked familiar, because I had seen it before in the film.

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