The happy new year everyone, even though 2020 is difficult, it does not mean there are no big hopes in 2021. Grateful that until now we are still in good health and can carry out daily activities.

Every year I always have a resolution to achieve. There are some that are scheduled and some are incidental or unexpected. I am excited and excited about surprising things. But we hope that the shock is a good thing, right?

Therefore, at the beginning of each year I always get used to writing my resolutions that I want to achieve with the various activities that go with them.

I am a thinker, it feels very heavy when all I think about in my head. So I made it planned so that what I hope can be achieved.

The following are the applications that help me make it happen. Well, I know, some of these applications are made by Google and in my opinion, it suits me with a minimalist concept. Maybe you can try it.

  • Google Keep
Google Keep

I have tried various To-Do List applications on all platforms, including the default application from my own iPhone. Some look simple but don’t reach my goal, I personally think the flexible categorization in Google Keep really helps me in separating various activities in different spaces. I loved it!. I have used this application for maybe 2 years, a database that is updated through various devices is very helpful if at any time there are changes.

  • Google Drive
Google Drive

I’ve always loved anything organized, even if it’s on the computer or in the cloud. and Google Drive is my savior. Often jobs require us to store large files. some are conveyed via short messages using WhatsApp, while under certain conditions we often ignore them because we attach importance to the limited memory on our cellphones. I am used to downloading the submitted files on WhatsApp and then re-entering Google Drive. Looks complicated, right? no really, this method is simple, and you can practice it anytime. Trust me, this application helps you in saving your valuable files.

  • Jenius Mobile Apps
Jenius mobil banking apps

Jenius is the first Indonesia’s mobile banking application that accommodates all my needs, from transactions to saving habits, which have been growing since 2 years ago. Jenius, like the name Genius, which means extraordinarily smart, helped set aside some of my financial funds into a small group of needs that had not been thought of. You can access the full story from Jenius via the following posts:

  • Money Lover
Money Lover apps

This financial application is the perfect partner for Jenius. I did not think beforehand how much I spent each day. Have you ever counted it? This application requires high consistency because you will be asked to record all your expenses and income from the smallest to those that take up a large number of your finances. I tried this application after trying various other applications in the last 6 months, and Money Lover saved me from unnecessary expenses.

  • 30 Day Workout
30 Days Challenge Workout

For those of you who don’t really like sports like me, this application needs to be taken into account. By looking at every exercise you do, you can find out how many changes have occurred in your body for 30 days even though you may not realize it. Relax, you are not forced to do it every day, you just need consistency and honesty that you do sports haha … This application is paid if you don’t want to be bothered by sudden ads appearing. But if you are a beginner, try starting with the simple movements first and see how much you can continue to grow.

Actually, there are still several other applications that can support your productivity in 2021, in my opinion. But now it is still being tested whether it is quite applicable or not. Like Good Notes, which is a lot of fun to write using a pencil, or other photo and video editing applications that make you more creative. But then we’ll wait for the next discussion.

Ciaoo !!

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