There is nothing more enjoyable than spending an extended vacation on an island. My choice this time is Gili Trawangan. This is the umpteenth time going to this island considering its location is not too far from the city of Mataram.

But this is my first time after COVID 19 has hit. Honestly, there is a sense of curiosity considering that this beautiful island had tried to live again after the devastating earthquake in 2018. I feel sad that since 2015 this island has never been empty of visitors. But this year has been deadly.

After surfing for a long time on social media and traveling applications, finally, my choice fell on Hotel Lumi Gili Trawangan.

Located on the west of Gili Trawangan Island adjacent to Aston Hotel, the location is quite easy to reach, but I don’t recommend you on foot, it’s better if you rent a bicycle or ride “Cidomo” hahaha

Lumi Pool at night

The location is right on the beach with main road access, with views of the sunset in the afternoon. The hotel is quite big and beautiful with bamboo and wood ornament in every corner.. I really like the interior, especially in the lobby area and it is an aesthetic place to take Instagram photos.

The staff was very helpful in picking up the bicycle I brought and delivering it to the receptionist. They really care about the covid 19 health protocol by checking my temperature and giving me a hand sanitizer, and of course a fresh welcome drink.

The choice of rooms at Lumi Hotel is not too many, considering that this hotel is quite new (anniversary in November), namely Cabin, Cottage, and Deluxe Cottage. I chose Cabin because of its unique shape.

Lumi Cabin Room

But let’s be honest. The Cabin room that I ordered was not as big as I imagined, it looked small and packed with an additional ‘swing’- what you called it- haha in the balcony. Around the room, the floor and table were dusty. Maybe because there are so few employees working, so they don’t pay attention to these details. Although according to them the room has been sterilized. the glass in the bathroom feels cramped so you need to take a few steps back to get a picture of your whole body. And one more thing that is very disturbing is the toilets flash where the water is yellow. I forget whether I have watered my pee or not hahaha

The bed was very comfortable, I could sleep for a long time, let alone the sound of the roar of the waves from a distance. The hotel environment is also quite quiet. Another thing that is just as important is the swimming pool. I can imagine if this is busy with tourists it might become a favorite place. The location is in front of the hotel with a sea view, filled with hype music that makes you want to dance. Uh, I love that vibes!

One more thing you need to pay attention to, during Covid 19, it is very rare for restaurants to open, especially in the western region of the island. if you want to eat and see the crowds you need to go to a denser area that is around the port, and I think that’s quite a hassle.

Nothing much you can do at this hotel, I mean in this covid era we know every tourist attraction is trying to survive covid 19. And luck is still not on the side of Hotel Lumi. But this is the right time for hotels to clean up and beautify their hotel to steal the attention of tourists next year. because this hotel is a suitable choice for tourists, whether backpackers, couples, honeymooners, or families.

Let’s pray that this covid will end soon and tourism on Gili Trawangan will return to normal.

Check this video for more detail:

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