Last weekend, I traveled to Bandung,  places I thought would be nice if can be shared to others, especially those who are first timer to Bandung— It is a popular weekend destination for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of Jakarta.

You may googling information about Bandung and find the usual must-see like Kawah Putih, Tangkuban Perahu, Dusun Bambu, Lembang,  Heritage and etc. But these places below are worth visiting.

So, here we go !

Alun-alun Bandung Areas


Alun-Alun  Bandung (Bandung Square) is one of the famous place in Bandung.  Ridwan Kamil (Mayor of Bandung period 2013 to 2018)  which strongly influences made the Alun-Alun into the open space for public and given the very broad artificial turf.

Tourism and locals,  young and old can enjoy the Alun-Alun Bandung with a variety of activities. Alun Alun Bandung became the location of assembly and traveled with the family in the city of Bandung which is certainly cheap because no fare to be paid.

Bandung is really cool now. Jalan Asia-Afrika, Jalan Braga and Jalan Sukarno also already  comfortable for an evening walk. Because these way are quite cleand and decent for pedestrians.  Another architectural wonder around Jalan Asia-Afrika, Jalan Braga built for the rich previously and then made famous for hosting the first Asian-African conference. Though not much of an attraction but worth to take a look if you are nearby.

Location :
Alun-alun Bandung
Masjid Raya Bandung Provinsi Jawa Barat
Jalan Asia Afrika, Jalan Sukarno & Jalan Braga

The Bosscha Observatory

Bosscha Observatory is the oldest observatory in Indonesia. The observatory is located in Lembang, West Java, approximately 15 kilometers (9.3 mi) north of Bandung.


Observatory offers two types of site visit for day and night. Visits during open all year except Sundays, Mondays, national holidays. In the daytime, you can choose the time of the visit, whether 9.00 am, 12.00 noon (Special Friday at 13:00 due to give a time of worship for Muslims) or 15:00 pm. The duration of a visit only one hour. There, you will be given an explanation of the Zeiss telescope and astronomy presentation. During the time of the visit, you can not observe. Let telescoped, go to the floor telescope it should not be. You only see the telescope remotely.

Do not imagine Bosscha like Kawah Putih ot another destination in Bandung which provides natural attractions such as the beautiful panorama. In Bosscha you only see the old buildings. So think again if you want to Bosscha with the intention for picnic.

Location :

Bosscha Observatory

Jl. Peneropong Bintang, Lembang, Kabupaten Bandung Barat, Jawa Barat
How to get there  : (by

Here are some easiest way to reach Bosscha Observatory. However, you are free to take your own route.

  1. By car (your own vehicle)
    From Jl Setiabudi Bandung – take the road to Lembang – pass Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) Bandung at the left – pass Ledeng angkot (public transportation) station at the right – follow the road – pass Pusdik Kowad (school of women army) at the left – in about 400 m, Bosscha outer gate will be visible at your right.
    Option 1: large vehicle like bus must be parked outside this outer gate, you can continue on foot for about 800 m or by  ojek  (public motorbike), passing Bosscha’s inner gate and keep going to the exact location.
    Option 2: small car (or smaller vehicle) can go following the same route as Option 1.
  2. By public transportation
    From Bandung Train Station
    Take angkot (public transportation) route St. Hall to Lembang – get off at the outer gate of Bosscha Observatory – continue as in Option 1 above.
    From Cicaheum Bus Station
    Take angkot (public transportation) route Cicaheum to Ledeng – get off at Ledeng angkot station – take angkot route St. Hall to Lembang/Ciroyom to Lembang – continue as in Option 1 above.
    From Leuwi Panjang Bus Station
    Take Damri Bus route Leuwi Panjang to Ledeng – get off at Ledeng “angkot” station – take “angkot” route St. Hall to Lembang/Ciroyom to Lembang – continue as in Option 1 above.

Sapu Lidi Resort Lembang Bandung


how wonderful if eating favorite foods can taste in your favorite locations as well as rice fields, huts in the middle or top of the hill paddies and gentlemen. Sapu Lidi Resto and Resort desire to eat the nearby huts lay a beautiful and natural paddies can be realized. Accidentally cafes and restaurants was made to grant the wishes of visitors longing for home.

The maid was serving with the use of traditional clothing. They serve with a friendly and heartfelt wearing  kebaya as the manservant using traditional clothing. Likewise you can feel the atmosphere of dining on the edge of the pond fish. With a hut made of wood above the goldfish pond.

Location :

Sapu Lidi Resto and Café  Jl. Sersan Bajuri Kompleks Graha Puspa
Cihideung, Lembang – Bandung. Telp : 022-2786915.

How to get there :

1. Sapu Lidi  Resort can be reached from two directions: Jl. Sergeant Bajuri and Jl. Raya Lembang. If you take a private vehicle activate the GPS/Waze or search on Google Map. I suggest you  via Jl. Sergeant Bajuri, just let me not long got stuck in Jl. Raya Lembang.

2. Take public transportation Lembang – St.Hall in Terminal Plumbing. Get off at the intersection Beatrix Police Station. Take Angkot to Parongpong ways  told to the driverunloaded at Sapu Lidi Resort /  Graha Puspa Compleks.

The Lodge Earthbound Adventure Park


One of my favorite place in Bandung !

The Lodge Maribaya is an outbound tourist areas and resorts with the unique atmosphere of the pine forest and a touch of the natural environment are arranged beautiful landscape. Not only the unique scenery, The Lodge Maribaya also directly adjacent to the river flow and the air really refreshing. The Lodge Maribaya views of the pine forest expanse of unique and very similar really just Tebing Keraton. The most popular of these is the spot where the tree house and very similar to the one in Kalibiru Yogyakarta. And Instagramble !

The Lodge Maribaya has complete facilities to support a variety of activities suitable for family outings, group, or company where you work. The Lodge Maribaya has facilities to test outbound adrenaline, such as Trekking, Camping, Fun Games, Team Building etc. In addition can be used for outbound, it also has other public facilities such as tents / camping place, restaurant / cafe nuanced Sundanese, mosque, toilets, a green field.

Location :

The Lodge  di KM 4,5 Maribaya, Cibodas, Lembang.

How to get here :

The Lodge Maribaya location is a bit hard to find because there is no special signpost on the street. Just follow the direction  after entering Lembang, move your vehicle to Cibodas and later you will pass the entrance / gateway to Maribaya contained waterfall / waterfall.

  1. From the Bandung City (close to Dago): Bandung – Terminal Dago – Dago Giri – Lembang – Cibodas (Passing the entrance Maribaya).
  2. From the direction of Bandung (away with Dago / close to Lembang): Bandung – Lembang – Maribaya – Cibodas (Passing the Stone Mountain area, Begonia flower garden, entrance Maribaya).
  3. From directions Cimahi: Cimahi – Parongpong – Lembang – Maribaya – Cibodas (Passing the entrance Maribaya).

The Largest WaterFalls In Bandung : Curug Malela

Curug Malela located in the village of Cicadas, District Cavities – Gununghalu West Bandung regency, West Java province, Indonesia. Upstream the river coming from the north slope of Mount Kendeng, a volcano located in the west Ciwidey that have died, the river flows through Cidadap – Gununghalu. Malela waterfall has a height of about 60-70 meters.  WOW !


However, it can be understood, Curug Malela less popular as a tourist area is because this area is still very difficult to reach, quite isolated from the outside world. Not to mention the terrain so heavy make Curug Malela difficult as one family holiday destination.

If you are a hobby of adventure will get a certain satisfaction to discover a valley covered hilly jungle, as if searching a hidden paradise. So beautiful but quite difficult to reach.

Find more about Curug Malela on my next post. I will linking  below this post.

Thank you, have a good day and keep exploring .

So, where place you must visit in Bandung ?