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I am just finished my 35-40 hours in two weeks to watch the Korean Drama Series (iyuuuh). Oh that is my longest time to finished a drama. The full drama from 1 to 20 episode with 60-90 minutes/episode. so ridiculous airtime ! I know that is little bit annoying, but as korean lover you MUST watch this! and for you as just ordinary people like me. (yeah, i am only know the main character of Full House, Han Jie Eun & Lee Young Jae ). I am very recommended you to watch this: REPLY 1988

#Reply1988 is totally different with other, is not only the story line of the drama but also all the component is definitely perfect. You will not see the actor using nice suit with the sporty car, the fancy club, luxury house,  sophisticated phone, no super fashionable female character or sexy love story. But in this drama, you will getting back in 89-90′! .

So, why #Reply1988 is so special ?

Heartwarming Family


That is stories begin  were 5 families, whose similar aged children grew up together and became best friends: Duk-seon, Jung-hwan (Ryu Jun-yeol), Sun-woo (Go Kyung-pyo), Dong-ryong (Lee Dong-hwi) and Taek (Park Bo-gum) five families living in the same neighborhood of Ssangmun-dong, Dobong District, Northern Seoul. In this stories, we were introduced to not only the main character but also with their family and their simple daily lives and their moment.

I am not gonna be spoiler to tell the story. But after you finished all the episode, you will understand. This K-drama will be teaching you so many things in our daily live. Like, how to caring brothers, sons who cared for their mothers, mothers who were spoiled by their daughters. Dads who always misunderstood. The great was that it did more than tell the story of one romance; it was a love story about family, in every conceivable iteration: the love between husband and wife, parent and child, siblings, friends. We got two families healing one another and becoming a new family, neighbors opening their homes to each other and sharing what little they had, and friends showing up for each other through life’s biggest and smallest moments. And what it did brilliantly was weave each relationship in and out of the story, peeling back new layers each time. We begin with one impression of a character, then discover bit by bit that we never knew him or her at all . And just like in real life, we adjusted our understanding of each character the longer we knew them.

Real Life Drama


Reply 1988 was so wonderfully able to show the complex relationship of adult friendships. The friends in this neighborhood actually have the best of intentions for each other.

I love this kind of storytelling, where things aren’t linear and characterization unfolds gradually in bits and pieces, and our limited perspective actually makes the world and its characters seem like real people who exist beyond the glimpses we see. This writer is particularly great at that, and at portraying realistic familial love. I love that for the most part, the people in the #REPLY1988 universe act like real people, like world-weary moms and dads who don’t have all the answers just because they’re older, and flawed kids who make tons of mistakes and learn from falling down and getting back up. I love that it was a celebration of the parents’ youth too, not just the kids, and that the moms and dads did a hell of a lot of growing up too.

The Era’s (Throw Back Moment)


Yeah, this drama is quietly simple  time and place set. Back to 1988 jump to 2015 back again in 1989 goes to 2016. It so beautiful when we missed our childhood and we will see what is  happening in that era.  Another reason viewers are drawn to the series is because of the nostalgia. Period shows set in the 1980s and 1990s are having a moment now, especially by appealing to the childhood memories of the movie-going demographic of 20- and 30 somethings.

Regions where the family lived in ‘Reply 1988’ is also made as authentic as possible describe what kind of condition “settlement” at that time. Such as broken glass embedded in the wall to how citizens laying roadside briquettes to melt the ice during the winter. And another scene is very releteted with our live . Calculator Love  : Deok Sun and his friends combine themselves with the name of that guy they appraiser. Then calculate the number of letters in each name to determine what percentage chances are they destined. In Indonesia, this trend has also been a hit among middle school students. Hong Kong Action Movie : Trend watch action movies of Hong Kong who had struck Indonesia ensued in South Korea in 1988. Queued Using Phone : In 88 years, houses in South Korea is already connected to the home phone line. Forms of telephone who is also familiar we see in our homes of the past as well so typical view of the old school in this drama. Still remember, how really bored waiting for their turn to use the telephone when there is one person you were chatting over time? Public pay phones are also often appears in many scenes. Listening to the radio We in Indonesia has ever felt this trend: send a postcard to the radio to just vent and ask for the song being played. On certain nights, the teenagers would hang out in front of the radio or through the headset and walkman in order to listen to this show. Postcards were read every night. That is so sweet !

Unexpected Ending


The plot is really well written. One moment you think the female lead likes this guy. Then the next, you start to think otherwise when the drama flashes to the present-day couple.

Sung Deok Sun, the female lead whose husband’s identity is a mystery.The academically inept high-schooler ends up marrying one of her childhood friends. Who’s that  guy ?

so, what are your waiting for ?

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  1. Anyong haseyo 😉 Yi, saya sudah nonton Reply 1997 (the first installment of Reply drama series), and I love it so much. Saya belum nonton Reply 1988, tapi saya suka banget soundtracknya (“Don’t Worry Dear” by Lee Juck).

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