The pandemic took me deeper into the world of Korean drama. After ending with the World of The Married, Hotel Del Luna, Itaewon Claas, Crash Landing on You, and now the latest Korean drama Record of Youth.

Even though Crash Landing on You is still a favorite, Record of Youth gives a different atmosphere with a simple but unpredictable storyline.

Call it Sa He Jyun, a middle-class model who is trying to reach his dream of becoming an actor amidst the pressure from his toxic family. The character Sa He Jyun played by Park Bo Gum will amaze you with his charismatic face and acting.

oh my god, Park Bo Gum with his crystal clear face

Moreover, this is Park Bo Gum’s last Korean drama before carrying out his state responsibilities for military service. Anyway, it’s my second time watched his drama after Reply 1988. You can read a review here:

Park Bo Gum co-stars with Parasite’s ‘Jessica’ – Park So Dam as Ahn Jeung Ha, an independent girl who fights independently and even hates her family very much.

The drama is still ongoing so we don’t know what will happen next. But I guess Park Bo Gum will start to grow and become a great actor.

This drama teaches us that having dreams is not enough without hard work and good at reading opportunities. Sa He Jyun’s life at the beginning of the episode was sad for his stunning face. His career is always compared to Won Hae Hyo, his schoolmates since childhood made him unable to show his character.

Won Hae Hyo gets the opposite, a career, a supportive family, even his mother who is always the first person in Won Hae Hyo’s career success. To the point that he can’t determine his path in life. But that’s how parents are. Sometimes it feels annoying but we love them. The drama will also highlight the differences between two mothers Han Ae Sook and Kim Yi Young as they support and love their son in their own way.

I cant believe my self wrote on going K-Dramas, haha

I really enjoyed the experience of watching this drama. Sa He Jyun is like a description of myself, has many dreams but not motivated enough. Everyone expecting for something bigger, for something cannot afford it.

That’s why Record of Youth came in first in drama series during this pandemic. The story is simple, the character Sa He Jyun is kind but annoying, and Ahn Jeong Ha who is always optimistic even for the things that disturb her life.

Personally, Record of Youth is more interesting than It’s Okay Not Okay which I saw only up to Episode 3 hahaha. But sadly, I don’t have any engagement with their OST. Itaewon Class still gave the best.

Kinda curious what the drama would end ?!!! I would not spoiler the story here. Better you watch it immediately.

Let’s take a look at the trailer to cheer us all on !!!

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